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The Municipality of Murtosa is located in the Atlantic coastline, in the center of Portugal, in the Region of Aveiro, at about 60km from Oporto, 84km from Coimbra and 280km from Lisbon. It is located about 10 minutes away from the railway line Oporto-Lisbon and from motorways A1 and A29.

The heart of the Ria

Located in the heart of a huge lagoon, called Ria de Aveiro and next to the Ocean, the Municipality of Murtosa is endowed with a unique natural heritage, with a high scenic beauty and with a great environmental wealth. The flat morphology invites the visitor to long and quiet tours, walking or biking, to the discovery of the fauna and the flora of the lagoon, by the riparian margins or by the middle of the fertile fields.

Along the margins of the Ria, there are numerous marshes, creeks, piers and harbors. Winding the landscape, which filigree of an endowed craftsman, these places of unparalleled beauty are connected between themselves by an extensive network of pedestrian and bike trails, punctuated by areas of rest and information: the NaturRia circuits. In full protection area of the Ria de Aveiro, here the nature exhibits its splendor, in a symphony of smells, colors and sounds.

In the Municipality with the highest rate of bicycle usage in Portugal, the invitation is irrefutable: to leave the car and go to the accessible circuits of the nature, with your bicycle, that extend for tens of kilometers.

Between the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the territory of Murtosa has, also, bathing areas of recognized quality, that welcome, in the summer, thousands of holidaymakers: the oceanic beach of Torreira, one of the best in the region, and the estuarine beach of Monte Branco, which became, this year, the first beach, across the Ria de Aveiro, to show off the Blue Flag award.

The Region of Aveiro

Composed by 11 Municipalities, which has in the Ria de Aveiro an aggregator element, the Region of Aveiro offers to the visitor a wide range of gifts: in addition to the natural beauty, there is much to discover, from monuments to museums, to the rich gastronomy, where fish and seafood play the main role.